I used to Event when I was young, but had to get out of it because it was too expensive. I still ride and love Eventing. I wanted to do a blog dedicated to the riders and horses that have shaped eventing. If you guys want to see a theme for any horse or rider let me know and I'll do my best! Enjoy!
Guys, hate to tell you so soon but Will Coleman lost Conair yesterday. Still looking for answers on why he died.  RIP beautiful baby.
Just found out this amazing girl was laid to rest yesterday.  Thoughts and prayers are with the Fredricks.  I remember seeing her win Rolex a few years ago.  Such an amazing and larger than life mare.  RIP Headley Britannia.
ridingthejump asked:
how do you know Phillip dutton?

I don’t know Phillip. I wish I did. i do know hannah sue burnett though!

Got my tickets!!!
Sad to tell you guys that this beautiful horse, Biko has pasted away.  He was ridden by Karen O’Conner and was named Horse of the Century by the USEA.
RIP to Lionheart.  He was euthanized after his colic surgery.  Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who knew this special athlete.

Tumblr meet up at Rolex?

So I had an idea when I was at Rolex this year to do a tumblr meet up for all of us that go to the xc day.  Would anyone be interested?  Please let me know.