I used to Event when I was young, but had to get out of it because it was too expensive. I still ride and love Eventing. I wanted to do a blog dedicated to the riders and horses that have shaped eventing. If you guys want to see a theme for any horse or rider let me know and I'll do my best! Enjoy!
RIP to Liberal
RIP to Tom Crisp’s Liberal, he collapsed today at Luhmühlen at jump 8. 
RIP Benjamin Winter
RIP Jordan McDonald
RIP Jordan McDonald
RIP to Jordan McDonald who passed away at Nunney today after a rotational fall.

A rider has passed away at Nunney today. They haven’t released the name yet. When they do Ill post it. Sad day today :(

Benjamin Winter and Wild Thing Z
RIP to Benjamin Winter who passed away after a rotational fall today.
I hate this.  RF Smoke on the Water was put down today. I just saw him for the first time last weekend at Rolex. He showed such potential. RIP sweet boy.
Hannah Sue Burnett on Harbor Pilot at Rolex 2014